Tis the Season

The holidays and new year are fast approaching. A busy time for all. And also a time for reflecting and thinking of others in a generous fashion.

Each year our Executive Director Martin Denton sends a letter (which we republish on our corporate website) talking of what we at The New York Theatre Experience are up to, what we have accomplished, what we want to accomplish and where our main focus lies. This year we are working hard to make the Indie Theater Now website more exciting, more inclusive, and reach out to an even larger audience. In its first year of existence it has proven more successful than we had ever imagined and for that we thank the many wonderful and talented playwrights who have joined ITN and allowed us to publish their plays. And like most things on today’s Internet, the news has spread and so many people have visited the website and a great many have purchased plays for their digital library. Even more exciting are the collateral effects: plays (and performers) have been or will be produced in new venues, commissions and readings have occurred, playwrights have received royalties (many for the first time). And there is so much more to do.

Martin’s letter is worth a read. You can find it here. And, if you haven’t gotten acquainted with Indie Theater Now, do take a look.

If you support the goals and mission of NYTE please help us continue with a donation (any amount helps greatly). And there are so many other ways you can show your support — share this with a friend, purchase one of our books as a gift during this holiday season, visit Indie Theater Now and spread the words about it. And do let us know your thoughts and opinions on what NYTE is doing — we value your feedback (info@nyte.org) immensely.

Bes wishes for a happy, healthy and peaceful holiday season and new year.