Have You Visited Indie Theater Now?

Just over a year ago NYTE launched a new website, Indie Theater Now, the digital theater library for the 21st century. Today it includes just about 500 plays by about 340 playwrights. The interest in and excitement about this new endeavor is far beyond anything we imagined. And I want to share all that is happening on Indie Theater Now with all of you who follow this blog and everyone interested in contemporary drama by serious playwrights willing to experiment, to cover all genres, to reach out and influence, to speak their mind, to be ‘indie’.

Indie Theater Now has a new mod look and feel. There’s a recommendation engine on the Play Detail Pages — similar to what you would find on Amazon, it notes other plays by the author, people who bought this also bought, and plays similar to this one. On every page there are quick links with drop down menus to search for plays and playwrights. And especially useful for new readers is the sidebar on the subscription page that supplies answers to some questions readers might have (sort of an abbreviated FAQ).

It is fast becoming the ‘go to’ place for students, academics, theater companies, theater artists, and many who just want to read what’s new and exciting in today’s drama. I hope to get a dialogue going on this blog about Indie Theater Now — what it encompasses and why it’s important. And of course I will continue to post information about NYTE Small Press’ publishing program and information about submissions, classes, etc. that I feel would be of interest.

Take a few minutes and browse Indie Theater Now. There’s lots to absorb.


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